Bulk SMS Made Easy


GODWIN VTU/SMS is glad to inform you that due to the demand from some of our users that they are interested in doing their businesses around our bulk SMS platform, we want to take you through steps involved in composing and sending bulk SMS.


SHORT MESSAGE SERVICES: SMS stands for Short Message Service and is the most widely used type of text messaging. With SMS, you can send a message of up to 160 characters to another device which is one page.

BULK SMS: Having understood the meaning of SMS, bulk SMS mean sending the same message to multiple phone numbers at the same time. The SMS is also per page like our normal sms on our phones and is 160 characters but you can use a customized name as the sender ID instead of your normal phone number. It is professional, reliable and delivers immediately to all the numbers.

DO NOT DISTURB: DND This is the term used to describe code that when activated on the phone will debar unsolicited messages from coming into phones or related devices. But as it is, at times DND is automatically activated on some people’s phone and they don’t even know. So this people will now realize that they cannot receive bulk SMS on their phones with that they will know their phone is on DND.

CORPORATE ROUTE. Due to the fact that some numbers are on DND and they cannot receive bulk SMS, so they now device another platform of sending message to those numbers and they now term it as corporate route. It attracts more charges sending through this medium but it is certain numbers on DND will receive the message.

NORMAL ROUTE: This means sending bulk SMS to all numbers that are not on DND. The messages are delivered immediately and is cheaper than messages sent through corporate route.


Click on the menu ’BULK SMS’ it will take you to the SMS page. There are four columns :

1st Column: This is where you will type the sender id which can only be 11 letter words or phone number. For it to be professional, we advice you use a caption, maximum of 11 letters.

2nd Column: This is where you will type the recipient numbers. You can either separate the numbers with coma or you type one phone number on a line.

3rd Column: This is where you will put the message you are about to send and you will check very well to be sure that it is correct before sending

4th Column: This is where you select the route through which you are sending the message. You can select normal then you check the status after sending the message, the numbers on DND will not receive the message then after this, you can pick the few numbers affected and send it through corporate route to reduce cost.



You will compose the message you want to send either on Notepad or on Word. Some people also love to compose their messages on the page where they are sending message but if you compose it on a separate place, you can save it in case you will be sending the same message regularly, also you will be able to check and make necessary corrections after which you can copy and paste it on the message column of bulk sms page.


You will copy the numbers that you are sending the message to(recipient numbers) and  paste it in the 3rd column. We advice that you first send a copy of the message to yourself and possibly to the person that gave the message to you so that you can both check and correct incase of any error or mistake because immediately you send it, all the recipients will see it at the same time and you will not be able to correct it if you later discover that there is a mistake.


Choose the route you want to send with, either normal or corporate route and click on ‘SEND SMS’.

Bulk SMS have been a good source of income to a lot of people and you make good money from it. Approach schools, shopping mall, boutiques, churches, mosque or any organization that has list of customers that you can be sending messages to their customers. It can be  new month messages , when they have programmes or events. Also you can send messages for your friends or relatives during burial, wedding ceremony, naming ceremony, child dedication and any other program. I will be looking forward to some of our users that will take this up and make it another way of generating good income on this great and all encompassing platform. Thanks